Dance Pilates started in January 2004 providing a mix of tailored tuition and group classes in Westmere.


Over the years we have developed a number of dance focussed conditioning classes for elite ballet and jazz dancers. Each student attends a studio class or private lesson and is provided with a online programme which is closely monitored and developed. 


Our focus is on client education as well as instruction. Along with deconstructing dance and dance conditioning group sessions, we offer Finer dance classes, dance technique coaching (see below) and workshops (for ages 8+). We work with you to provide an effective exercise plan and our team can work with you on rehabilitation, injury prevention and well being, through to training for elite performance. By sharing our knowledge you will put yourself in a position to get the most from your body and help it last well throughout your life.


For pricing and workshop information please email or to be on our mailing list for upcoming workshops join Dance Pilates on Movitae by clicking here (if you already have a Movitae account just log in). 


Our dance conditioning syllabi, FinerPointe, FinerJump and FinerTurnout incorporate a online homework programme and are endorsed by the New Zealand School of Dance. Designed to improve dancers strength and control in a way that is functional and dance specific. To purchase the programme info click here.


Deconstructing Dance classes focus on breaking down and encouraging the correct motor pattern for a particular dance movement (e.g., arabesque, tendu, développé). Each workshop has a different dance focus but includes conditioning, analysis of the movement, imagery and integration into dance sequences.


Do you have a specific focus or goal that you are working towards? These classes will focus on deconstructing and reconstructing dance movement

while building strength and awareness. Come and get some technical coaching supported with a conditioning homework programme via Movitae.