We have developed a number of online conditioning programmes for Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dancers. Our programmes are available through the interactive platform and are currently used by The New Zealand School of Dance as well as a number of local dance schools.


In 2019 we are launching Dance Pilates Online, an online subscription service provided through Movitae. This gives dancers and teachers the opportunity to access to all levels of our new and updated FinerPointe syllabus online, with FinerJump coming soon. Interactive support and feedback are also available should you need it from one of the Dance Pilates team


FinerPointe is an innovative dance conditioning program developed by Angela Gendall and her team at Dance Pilates. The program can be used by students or teachers and is designed to assist in developing mobility, alignment, stability, endurance and weight placement for pointe work.


The FinerPointe Program consists of five levels from pre-pointe to advanced, each level features a comprehensive exercise syllabus designed to break down different aspects of pointe technique. Each exercise is supported with video demonstrations, notes and variation ideas to help you, or your students, work confidently through the program. 

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Five Levels

The FinerPointe Program consists of 5 levels from Introductory to Advanced which can be used by students and teachers alike. The Introductory level is a pre-pointe program suitable for all dancers (including boys) wanting to improve lower limb alignment and technique. 


Comprehensive Exercise Syllabi

Each level consists of an exercise syllabus divided into sections; 'Mobility', 'Alignment and Control', 'Weight-Bearing, Balance and Control', 'Pointe' and 'Mat'. Each is designed to assist different aspects of pointe technique. 


Tasks,Goals and Checkpoints

Within the 10-week program you will find a variety of tasks and goals to help track your progress. At the end of each level a checkpoint will help guide your progression to the next level.


10-Week Follow Along Series

Each level now features a 10-week follow along program to guide you step by step through the syllabus. Each fortnight provides new exercises, teaching goals and activities. Teachers you may wish to use this as a class plan at your studio. 


Music Suggestions

Each exercise features music ideas (both classical and modern) to help guide your practice and classes. All music can be found on Spotify and you can find our FinerPointe playlist to help easily find our favourite tracks.

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Studio Licence

The studio license gives ALL your staff on Movitae unlimited access to the entire FinerPointe program PLUS the ability to share exercises directly with your students. This Licence also includes the exclusive progressions guide. 


Our exciting FinerJump program is currently under further development. 

This unique program is designed to help improve alignment, strength, power, fitness, landing control, ballon, jump height and momentum and neuromuscular control for jumping. It is currently used and endorsed by the New Zealand School of Dance. 

Check back soon for updates.




How do I subscribe? 

To sign up for, follow the link here **. Once logged in you will gain immediate access to the FinerPointe Complete Collection. 

Can I try the program? 

We offer a 3-day trial for all new sign ups! If you decide the program is not for you, simply unsubscribe within 3 days and you will not be charged. 

What happens when I subscribe?

When you subscribe you will gain access to the FinerPointe Complete Collection with all 5 levels of the FinerPointe syllabus, allowing you to work through at your own pace. The interactive nature of the Movitae timeline will also allow you to privately share videos and ask questions from Angela and the Dance Pilates team to help support your use of the program.

What is the cost? 

Dance Pilates Online subscription is $15USD/month. You will receive continual access to the FinerPointe syllabus plus any new updates. As well as access to the FinerJump program with it's release. In subscribing you will also 


What is the FinerPointe Studio Licence?

Studios that are already on Movitae have the option to purchase the FinerPointe Studio Licence subscription for $190USD/year giving allyour staff on Movitae full and complete access to the FinerPointe Complete Collection. This also gives you and your staff the unique ability to share exercises directly with your students as well as add your own notes. Thus with your added expertise, take their learning to another level. You can help make the exercises relevant to their learning in class and allow parents to share in the learning process.  

The Studio Licence also includes an exclusive exercise progressions guide which is designed to help you easily view the progressions for exercise category – great if you are working with students at different levels.

Not on Movitae? Contact if you want to find more about using Movitae at your dance school.