Dance Pilates works with young dancers to provide tailored exercise plans and effective dance conditioning. Our focus is on dancer education as well as instruction.
We value evidence-based exercise conditioning for improved load tolerance, better dance technique and improved performance.
Classes are supplemented with tailored online exercise programmes and assessment.



We have developed a number of online conditioning programmes for Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary, which are available through movitae.com


Dance Pilates is pleased to be connected to the dance community at Wellesley Studios. These beautiful studios are a recent 1960s warehouse conversion in central Auckland, Wellesley Studios comprises three large, well equipped studios close to public transport and parking on the edge of the theatre district.

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Dance Pilates instructors are available for workshops at your school on any of our online programmes (e.g., FinerPointe, FinerJump). We also run regular pop-up workshops with a focus on particular aspects of dance technique.

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Dance Pilates runs customised pilates sessions for dancers. We also provide movement education workshops and specific online dance programmes to improve the strength of young dancers. Our team of former dancers and dance teachers aim to help prevent injury, improve movement technique, increase understanding of movement principles and prepare our dance clients for the demands of their dance form.


Former students have gone one to dance in many companies across the world (including the Paris Opera Ballet, Mikhailovsky Ballet, Wayne McGregor company, Ballet West, Israel Ballet, The Australian Ballet Company, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Canadian National Ballet, Royal New Zealand Ballet Company and Queensland Ballet (among others).


Angela and her team at Dance Pilates have helped me to support and supplement my dancing with their amazing dance-specific personalised Pilates programmes. Not only did I become stronger and more confident with my dancing after joining Dance Pilates, it also gave me that edge which can only be achieved by grasping a real understanding of what is happening with my body when I dance.


My development as a dancer was enhanced greatly by every one of the instructors I had, all of them displayed an enthusiasm for whatever aspect of my technique and performance I would like to work on and would provide me with multiple exercises and ways to then incorporate that into my dancing. I would recommend Dance Pilates to any budding dancer who aspires for a career in dance, from injury prevention and rehabilitation to improving technique and performance, Dance Pilates has something to offer to everyone.



(NZ Herald interview with Lilly from 2016)


—  Lilly Maskery (Australian Ballet School)