The finerJump programme

The finerJump programme - enrol now for Term 1, 2013

Come and improve your jump technique and prevent injuries with our dance performance programme finerJump, suitable for dancers from all dance forms.

This programme initially focuses on gaining the strength, technique and control for safe effective jumping before dancers progress to the jump training. At the end of the first term of the programme dancers may complete a functional assessment with one of our physios this will help guide the training in the second term.

Dancers attend the studio once a week and are required to do 20 minutes homework (2 x) per week. The homework and assessments are supported by our bespoke online system, meaning dancers can view exercise photos, tailored programs, reports/assessments and other supporting information.

Ages 8 and above
Limited spaces, classes are 75 minutes

Cost: $350 for a 10 week term
+ $150 for individual jump assessment (optional)

Please email for more information